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Dick Beerepoot
Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone could give me any clue to how I can find/buy the sheet music to "Hushabye", an instrumental piece by Chris Barber's Jazz Band thas has become my all time favourite. I'd like to learn to play it myself (i'm studying harmonica for the last couple of years), but i'm not really familiar with the music scene. I've tried to find a supplier for the song through the Internet, but came up with nothing.

I'm absolutely willing to pay for the sheet music, but don't have a clue how to find it.

Is there anyone who can help me?

Thanks a lot in advance,

Dick Beerepoot,
Hoogkarspel, the Netherlands

Sorry, I left out my email address in the previous post.
It is :

Thanks again.
Andreas Wandfluh
A sheet of "Hush-a-bye" had been published in the sixties. I know this as in these days I played the clarinet and have had that song book with a few more titles. I will try if I can get a copy. You will hear from me.
Regards Andreas Wandfluh
About Hushabye,

In the atlanta area, our jazz station played a track called hushabye, the dj said it was written by a man named du peirsons (sp?). I was wondering if anyone new anything about this, or where I can get an original recording. the one I heard was on piano.
Sorry, I forgot to add, if y'all can email me with any info, it would be much appreciated. My email is
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