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Al Gleason
Just see 'Under Night Streets' - a British Transport film -on BBC 4. It deals with night time activities on the London Underground. No musical score, but the title music is undoubtedly the CB band.

Can anyone give me a title for the music?

Julian Purser

This is a new film to us! Thank you for advising us.

I have ordered a copy as below and will research when received,
and advise if it is taken from issued tracks or done especially for the film.

The film is included on a DVD of 4 London Transport films.

DVD Title
FIFTIES UNDERGROUND: Yesterday's Britain 38

black/white, 45 min DVD
ISBN-10: YB38
Code: EYB38

and is available from the following site (Ian Allan Publishing)

You can order items via the site.

Dear Julian & all,
Oh dear,please don't lay out enormous sums of money on my account! I'm feeling very guilty - as there can be only 45 seconds-a minute max. of title music layed over a nice shot of Piccadilly Circus. The film is great, but lacking in any more music, Barber or otherwise.

In the last few hours I've been advised the snippett in question is "Doin' the Crazy Walk" so if anyone does get to see the film, despite my warnings, I would still be pleased to have confirmation.


John A
Hi Al,

Just noticed that we are running similar threads on behalf of BTF!

That ID of "Doin' The Crazy Walk" was provided by Julian in that thread. You might care to take a look at "Can You Identify This".

John A
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