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Marion Aitken
The site,, features Tommy Bridges, an unassuming and highly skilled jazz trumpeter and pianist, a man absolutely knocked out by the Barber Band and that I had the good fortune to hear live at Vines Grille in Orlando, Florida, a couple of weeks ago. Tommy had been warned that a Chris Barber fanatic was being brought to hear him. The fact that I had been seeing and listening to Chris and Pat for 51 years transformed me into Royalty. Almost every number played was dedicated to me and I had people ask "Do you really know Chris Barber?" If there are any promoters reading this, there is a huge jazz following in the Orlando residential community. How about a festival? How about The Big Chris Barber Band? Tie up with Disney, the Universal Studios Jazz Club, Orlando Magix Bowl, etc. We're all getting older. Lets have a big Florida bash while we can. It's a neglected State for good music.
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