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Graham Gould
As a teenager in the late 1950s and early 1960s, I owned a Chris Barber Jazz Band LP which I loved and played over and over. But sometime in the mid 1960s I lost the LP. I am now retired and have the time and money to try and track down some of my happy memories from earlier years.

All I can remember about the LP is that it had an orange cover. I think it must have been released sometime before 1959 or 1960, but I can’t say exactly when it was released. I recall that I owned it for a while during the period 1959 to 1963.

I have checked the LP covers shown on some of the websites specialising in Chris Barber’s music, but so far I haven’t seen an LP cover that matches my recollection of “the orange LP” from my early teen years.

Any help in tracking it down would be much appreciated. If I could compile a list of tracks from that orange LP, I would try to purchase modern CDs containing those tracks.
Ed Jackson

You might find the LP you are looking for on the covers page at

There are over 300 covers shown there, so while yours may not necessarily be there, there's a good chance that it is.

Can you remember any track titles, or anything else about the record? Any extra bit of info would help Julian Purser, Andreas Wandfluh or me to figure out the title of the record -- and of course there are many very knowledgable Barber collectors and fans who visit the site.
Horst Klingenberger
Hi Graham,
the LP you´re looking for might be the Nixa NJL 17 "Chris Barber in Concert, Volume three": a live recording from a concert, held on 1st of march, 1958 at The Dome, Brighton. (This LP has on its left side a broad vertical orange stripe and shows on its center a photograph of "The Dome").
The LP includes the following titles:
Bugle Boy March - Pretty Baby* - Majorca - Georgia Grind* - Rockin´ in Rhythm - My Old Kentucky Home - Careless Love* - Strange Things Happen Every Day* - Mama Don´t Allow**
* Ottilie Patterson, vocal
** Chris Barber, vocal

All tracks are also available on CD: Dormouse Records DM 24 CD. This CD includes furthermore the second half of another 1958 concert recorded at the Birmingham Tow Hall on 31st of january 1958.

Best regards

Graham Gould
Hi Ed,

Many thanks for your reply. It is really hard trying to remember any details about the LP from over 40 years ago. The only track that I can remember was "When the Saints Go Marching In". I've had a look at the covers page and there are a couple of covers that might be the one I'm looking for but I can't tell if they were released before 1960.

The original LP "Jazz Sacred And Secular" has a familiar looking cover but I think its cover is red rather than orange. The one thing I'm pretty sure about is that the LP had a predominantly orange front cover. Also "Jazz Sacred And Secular" does not include "When the Saints Go Marching In".

I have recently purchased the new CD "The Best of Chris Barber's Jazz Band" and one or two of the tracks on that sound very familiar, including "Lawd, You've Been So Good To Me".

There is also a cover amongst the thumbnails which might be the one I'm looking for. All that I can read of that cover is Decca Records and (possibly) Royal Festival Hall. If it is a recording of a live concert at the Festival Hall, I don't think it can be the right one because I'm pretty sure that the LP I'm looking for was a studio recording.

Then there is an orange cover entitled "Chris Barber Jazz Parade Volume Four". That is on the Pye label. But I can't see any indication of date on that cover. If I could narrow down the 300 covers to those released before 1960, it would make my search easier. But, of course, the LP I'm looking for might not be amongst those 300 anyway. And I think that a number of the 300 thumbnails are actually EPs. I'm sure that the one I'm looking for was an LP.

Any help you can give will be much appreciated. Is there anywhere on the site which lists all the LPs with release dates?

Best regards

Graham Gould
Hi Horst

Many thanks for your reply. I have had a look at the cover of the LP you suggested and I'm fairly sure that it is not the one I'm looking for. Firstly I think the LP I'm looking for was a studio recording and the one you have suggested is, as you say, a live recording of a concert at The Dome in Brighton.

Secondly, the cover of the LP I'm searching for was predominantly orange, rather than having just a narrow margin of orange.

But I'm very grateful for your reply. From your name, I would guess that you live in Germany?. I have several friends in Germany and have visited them a number of times over the years. I stayed in Essen for several days some months ago to celebrate the 60th birthday of my friend who lives there.

Kind Regards
Ed Jackson
Graham, It sounds to me like you are looking for "Chris Barber Plays, Volume 4," which was the only LP from the 1950s that, as far as I know, included "The Saints."

You can see lots of details about this LP if you go to

Also, you can listen to a couple of excerpts from that recording of "The Saints" on the music clips page at Scroll down to the title you want -- it's the version that has two clips.

You'll also find two more tunes from the LP at the bottom of

If this is in fact the record you have been looking for, then you're in luck as it has recently been re-released as part of an excellent and reasonably priced 6-CD set: see

You can get in touch with me directly at
Graham Gould

Many thanks for your reply. I am not sure that the LP you have identified is the one that I was looking for. Although it does include the "Saints" track, the cover is quite different from what I remember. I have listened to the excerpts but, enjoyable as they are, I can't remember if they were on the LP I had around 45 years ago. I could even have been wrong about the "Saints" being on that LP. My strongest memory, apart form how much I loved that LP, was the predominantly orange colour of the cover.

I have spent hours researching various web sites but have still not seen a cover that I can definitely say is the right one. I have come across at least one other LP from the 1950s that included "When the Saints Go Marching In". That is "Petite Fleur" on which the "Saints" was the last track on side 2. There have recently been a couple of original copies of this LP for sale on eBay. But I'm sure that "Petite Fleur" is not the LP I am looking for.

Another LP from the 1950s that I have studied for many long hours is "The Original Copenhagen Concert". Although the cover appears more yellow than orange in the picture on your web site, I wonder if the original colour was more orange back in the 1950s. I think that the jpg scan amongst your thumbnails is from a CD re-release. Although this is very obviously a live recording of a concert, I might have been wrong about it being a studio recording. Several of the tracks on that LP ring bells in my memory. But the track list I have found has 17 tracks on it, which seems a lot for an LP made in 1955. Perhaps my track list is from a re-release of this LP in which additional tracks have been added?

During my research I have come to realise how valuable is the information gathered and published on various web sites including this one. The section which, to date, lists around 40 LPs and CDs (with larger graphics, descriptions, recording information and music excerpts) is superb. I wish it included more LPs from the early days.

Now that I have discovered that so many of Chris Barber's early LPs have been re-released on CD in the last few years, my quest to find the original "orange" LP is not so important. I plan to buy The Nixa Jazz Today 6-CD boxed set and probably one or two other CDs. I have listened to so many track excerpts on the Internet in the last few weeks that my appetite for Chris Barber's music has been fully re-awakened. And, to tell you the truth, I am finding it hard now to separate my original 45-year-old memories from the music and information I have discovered on the Internet in the last few weeks. The old and new memories are starting to merge.

Best wishes to you and the other volunteers who have created and maintain this web site.

Best Regards
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