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Sorry I must tell you ,Ron  pass a way 4 weeks a go. Ron was the first Drummer in the Barber Band in the 50 th .The info cames from Syd. R I P .  John
More sad news. Ron was probably the first jazz musician I ever saw on stage - my first jazz concert was Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen, and Ron would have been on stage first during the intros. Great drummer with Chris and Kenny, and his music will live on for ever.
Carla Hindle
My dad was Ron sister's and I are so proud of him and his career.we miss him terribly.he had so many great stories to tell us and he remembered now he is finally with mum (mina) and at dad.our hero xxx hope you don't mind me writing on here.
Hello Carla . It`s nice to hear from you ,thaks . You have a graet reason to be proud of your Dad it was in my eyes a gentleman as Pat or John .you do rigth when you remember the good times. All best to your and the family       Keep on the Sunnyside .Jockel
Hello Carla,

thanks so much for posting. Your Dad has brought me an enormous amount of pleasure over the years and I'm sure many others will agree with me.

Carla Hindle
Thankyou for your kind words they mean a lot x
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