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Hello Chris ! Auch wenn ich mich wiederhole, es war ein sehr schönes Konzert. Danke ...auch im namen der Berliner Barberfans danke natürlich auch an die Band und Becky . Sold out !! das heisst doch was .  Keep on the sunnyside!   j.
The bid suggests an occasion where the paintballs for the entice are taken by stream to the Structure of London, uk past evening the occasion, with a 3D holograph of aura kingdom gold a problem shoot-out on the stream using Structure Link as the objective.

On the day of the entice, the paintballs would be taken down the Thames to the O2 field – the exterior of which would be modified into a massive Vgolds – for the entice itself.England's hopes of setting up the 2018 Globe Cup have been enhanced at the beginning of a four-day examination of their bid, with the Vgolds world cup primary professional Sepp Blatter acknowledging it would be "easy" to level the competitors in america.

Blatter did, however, notify that Spain would be very powerful competitors in the placing in a bid competition.England 2018's bid team will be buoyed by the feedback at the beginning of the check out by a six-man Vgolds world cup examination team.
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