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chris kennedy
Help! It's driving me nuts! I have listened to two recordings of Ken Colyer playing and singing Johnny Wigg's song 'Postman's Lament', and have heard a Wiggs recording of it once, but I still can't figure out the lyric for the first line of the second chorus vocal. It goes:
'Oh come sweet .........(?,
hear what my prayer says.'
Does any one know what the missing word/words might be? If you do, you could save me from despair!!
Andreas Wandfluh
Hi Chris
Google is your friend....
I found within 20 seconds this site:

All the best

chris kennedy
Andreas - thanks for that! Now I know missing words are 'air days'. I've got no idea what that means, but, hey hoh!
chris kennedy
I'm back again I'm afraid! I had fun looking through that website, but, but as they got other parts of the lyric to Postman wrong, and the 'air days' doesn't make much sense, I think they are just guessing, as I've been trying to do.
Again, interesting site, but their motto 'it may not be right, but it's GOOD ENOUGH FOR JAZZ!' is a bit dubious, no? Chris K.
Andreas Wandfluh
Hi Chris, I was again listening very carefully the 1954 version of Ken's Postman's Lament and according to my understanding the lyrics should be fine. But English is not my mother tongue...

Did you try to contact the Committee Members of Ken Colyer Trust? May be they have the original transcription and lyrics. This is the web link to the Committee:

Good look - and please post here the results of your search.
Thanks in advance
chris kennedy
Hi Andreas,
Well, nobody at KC Trust could tell me...Martin Colyer listened hard, he didn't like 'air days' either. He also pointed out that on the Swiss web-site, in the same song, they put the words 'by the lake beside' where it should be 'by the levee side', setting the song firmly in New Orleans...
Then today I had an email from an old friend, Jim Currie, who says:

I like little challenges. I've looked at your poser on the Chris Barber messageboard. I
subscribe to Napster. £10 a month but well worth it. I called up the track Postman's
Lament. Ken Colyer and Acker Bilk came up, as well as a track from an album released in
2008 entitled "Back to New Orleans: The Best of British Jazz featuring Ian Wheeler". The
lyrics come up clear as can be "[Oh] Come sweet day of days, hear what my prayer says".
Acker sings it in the first chorus but the words as above are clear as well. Hope that
puts an end to your sleepless nights!

That sounds good to me! And it makes sense. Chris.
Andreas Wandfluh
Hi Chris
Great that you did find the clue... and thanks for posting the result here.

The road is hard and long, as I trudge and sing this song,
Lord take this pack off my back,
Oh come sweet day of days, hear what my prayer says,
Lord take this pack off my back.
And down by the levee side, where I rest my weary head,
Lord take this pack off my back.
To lay my burden down, jump off the banks and drown,
Lord take this pack off my back.
My interpretation - for what it's worth! This is how it's done on Bruny Island.......
chris kennedy
Right on, Lili! (fascinating name....)
Where's Bruny Island?
Keith Payne
You can find a video of Ken Colyer playing and singing postman's lament with Monty Sunshine's band on youtube.
An excellenr 6 minute version as well as Monty and Ken,
Mickey Ashman is on Bass.:
Andreas Wandfluh
...this is the direct link to Ken's Postman's lament as mentioned by Keith Payne

Bruny Island is a small island off the south eastern coast of Tasmania, Australia. The population is only 650 but includes that most important part of life, a revival New Orleans jazz band. See us when you search for 'Bruny Island icecream' on Youtube. We're currently in Melbourne preparing to play at the Australian Jazz Convention, 26 - 31 December 2009.
Forgot to add - we'll be playing (and singing) Postman's Lament at the convention!
Chris the missing words are "day of days"
Leo Bogaards

Here's the original text of our songbook:
Oh come sweet day of days, hear what my prayer says .......

But as singer I mostly sing the lyrics see below
Oh come sweeten days down and hear what my friend says ....
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