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Mike Fry
I'm looking for a recording of a particiluar version of Ottilie singing this song. I've found various versions listed but can't tell if it's the one I want.
A year or two ago I heard it played on BBC, probably Radio4 but not necessarily, whilst driving on a long journey I think, when I couldn't write down the details! It brought back memories of Redhill Jazz Club in the 1950's/early60's - and Yes! I'm retired and savouring my early days! The memory of hearing it again stayed in my mind, but then I couldn't remember on which show I'd heard it, to get a play-list!
The version I seek has Ottilie's voice so very clear and true in tone that it brought tears to my eyes and made my hair stand on end - truely! I suspect it may be a recording from her early days with Chris Barber.
I have a version, recorded live in 1958, on Castle Records CD "The Pye Jazz Anthology - Chris Barber and his Jazz Band CMDDD 139" - but I don't think that's the one. Can anyone suggest which CD/record I may be thinking of?
Ed Jackson
I'm pretty sure you are talking about the version that appeared on the first Chris Barber Plays 10-inch LP in 1955.

Here's a short excerpt --

The track is now available in a 6-CD box set, The Nixa Jazz Today Albums --
Andreas Wandfluh
Hi Mike

If you are looking for a "live" version with Ottilie and the Barber Band, then you should try to get the Lake LACDD 55/56 (double CD Box) called "The Chris Barber Concerts". The CD contains the tracks from the Royal Festival Hall Concert 1956 as well as the tracks from Birmingham 58 and Brighton 58.

Careless Love is from Brighton 58 and the sound quality of the CD is absolutely perfect (as well as Ottilie and the band ).

As the CD is no longer listed in the Lake records catalogue then go to the "online shop" and choose Lake records catalogue)try to get a second hand copy at GEMM (Global Electronic Music Market)

Good luck
regards Andreas
Ove Christensen

Hi Mike.

The version You can hear by Ed Jacksons link can also be found by Amazon on a 3 CDbox "Barber, Ball & Bilk" :-)

Ove Christensen
Harry van Essen
Hi Mike,

You will find Careless Love on LAKE RECORDS Lacd 30 recorded on
Mike Fry
Thanks Ed/Andeas/Ove/Harry,
This is great! I think the 1955 recording is the one - thanks for the clip Ed. The 1958 live track from Brighton is good too -I have now got that one on the Castle Pye Jazz Anthology 2xCD set, and I am getting the 6xCD set from Amazon, so many thanks to all - success all round! But my family now say I should have waited to have these as surprise gifts for my Birthday or Christmas!
It brings back the joys of teenage years (1960-ish)at Redhill Jazz Club (Surrey, England)in the upstairs room in the market hall where, when the band got the pace right and everyone was jiving, the floor would bounce alarmingly in resonance with the rhythm. Alas this building was torn down in the 1980's(?) and all there was to be seen were huge heaps of dramatically bright yellow sand as they dug a huge new deep basement and foundations for some faceles monstrosity of a building! I remembered having learned about this sand in Geography lessons at school about local Geology but had never seen it before. Ah well! Progress!
Best regards,
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