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Peter Austin
Not long until 26th October . . . nearly two months without any news!
Same tunes, same order, same speeches, same "jokes", same solos - no point in any news!!!
Eugene Smith
Getting fed up with people slagging of Chris on here. If you're not happy go somewhere else, not a website celebrating him. Pathetic.
Hello again !  I have an idea .You go to page 3  Subj. Tourdates  and read the article from Helge Lorenz and i hope you understand !!!   and then    Keep on the sunnyside!!! J.
Andreas Wandfluh
Yes indeed, we ran out of historic and new material of the band - note that we have published more than 3000 pages, clips etc and that this is one of the largest musician website in the world. You certainly know that thiis website is a private project of Ed Jackson, the late Julian Purser and myself and that we do not have any compensation. It was and is our aim to document the fantastic musical career of Chris Barber and his bands.

If you have any interesting material - we will be happy to publish it here, as long as you can provide us that material with the ok of the original copyright owner.

I thank very much to all people who have supported us with items related to the Barber Band and encourage critic people to search in their archives for interesting material that could be forwarded to us.

Best regards and thanks for your support

Eugene Smith
Andreas - the work of you and others on this magnificent site is certainly appreciated by me. Please keep it up. Eugene.
Well hello there . Eugene you have absolut right we must be thankfull for this site !!!
Yesterday i start my old Bulli and go to UDK Berlin ( 230 km) to  meet Chris and the Band and haer good Music. It was successfull as ever. Chris is in good conditon and Jacky had birthday its a raeson to go after show in a Pub and with Lonnie " Have a Drink on me "...
                                                              Jazz or never  J.[wink]
Peter Austin
So now we have some FANTASTIC news about Ian Wheeler. I shall certainly be getting my order in. Always had a preference for Ian over a certain someone . . . sorry if that is treachery . . . and loved the change in sound when he first joined the band. 

He was so good with Joe Harriott as well and no slouch when it came to the blues harp . . . although maybe not always the most authentic of blues wails.

He had a great on stage partnership with John Crocker too.

Very sad that he died not long after his retirement but he leaves a terrific legacy.

Perhaps an album now dedicated to "Remembering John Slaughter" ??

See folks . . . I can be positive . . . what I won't be is blindly uncritical!

Happy Halloween . . . which is probably a contradiction in terms.
John Service
Well put Peter! The majority of punters are not stupid, but choose not to criticise and accept what they are given year-in year-out. There are, of course, the old warhorses that are expected from bands - Ellington, Basie, De Paris, George Lewis, Ory etc all managed to come up with new arrangements of these to keep them interesting to listen to and to play! I'm doing a gig I do every year for a newspaper this Friday, and the Bandleader came up with the setlists for 2012 - 2015 at the rehearsal and informed us that we would NOT be playing any of these numbers this year so the audience would get a fresh programme!  It didn't take much thought and rehearsal to put together an interesting and nicely arranged set of numbers.

As you say, Ian was a unique voice on clarinet, alto and harmonica. I thoroughly enjoyed touring with him - Chris always said he was the best natural musician he ever had in the band. This could be a pain, as Ian could never be bothered coming to rehearsals as he would find all the harmonies and get all the arrangements immediately!!!
John Service
Here's one of Ian and I when we were touring with the Trevor Richards British New Orleans All Stars. Like John Crocker and John Deferrary, when Ian "retired" from the Barber Band, they ended up being busier than ever with all sorts of projects and gigs.

Peter Austin
Thanks for this John . . . that, as we used to say in Dorset is quite a "scrumpy nose" on Ian!

I did have a chuckle because I can recall seeing Ian pulling in to Aylesbury Civic Centre car park . . . no idea when that was . . . in a large,rather ungainly, Rover at what could have been only about twenty minutes, quite possibly less, before curtain up and thinking cutting it fine then!

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