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Christopher Matheson
The opening scene of the film 'Look Back in Anger' (released May 1959) features Richard Burton playing a trumpet in a night club. If I remember correctly when Burton stops playing a house band, let by Chris Barber, takes over. I have read that this scene was shot at 'Chris Barber's jazz club.' Can anybody confirm where this scene was shot? If it was at Chris Barber's club, where exactly was it located?

Thank you,
Christopher Matheson
Poul Villum
Hi, Christopher! I do not believe I can answer your question about the location of the Chris Barber footage in the film "Look Back in Anger", but I have a comment to it. I have seen the film many years ago and as I remember the footage with the original 1954 Chris Barber Jazzband personnel in the film, they are the same as appearing on Storyville VHS video "On the Road - A Documentary". On this video ( and now probably also on DVD ) there are a glimpse in B/W from a jazzclub with Chris playing with his band in two sections- in all 12-15 seconds,not much but very exciting to watch , being a Chris Barber fan.Perhaps the earliest motion picture recordings ever of the band ?

Best regards
Poul Villum
Julian Purser

The filming of Look Back In Anger took place in the film studios, whilst the other sessions which are mentioned come from the film Mama Dont Allow, directed by Tony Richardson, at Fishmongers Arms (Wood Green Jazz Club) Live Gig March 1955.

The personnels were different, in March 1955 we have the original Band. (CB,PH,MS, Lonnie, Jim Nray and Ron Bowden) the Look Back In Anger Band was CB, PH, MS, Eddie Smith, Dick Smith, and Graham Burbidge.

Hope that helps. Julian
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