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Hi all fans of Chris Barber,

many years ago, my father recorded a Barber concert on australian radio. I am guessing it would have been late 70's/early 80's.
In this concert there was a peformance of the song "Ice cream", which featured Chris and another member of his band scatting in the song. At one point they even started yodeling!!
My fathers copy of the tape has been lost and he has been seatching every where for another copy. I have heard the berlin concert from 1961 but it was not that version. Can anyone help me with this request? Was it ever released commercially? I wish I had more details but all I have is a tad sketchy. I would be grateful for anyone's ideas or healp.


Ed Jackson
I have over 30 versions of Ice Cream, most of them "live", from 1953 to last year. Quite a few are on commercial CDs so I can either recommend one to you or make a copy. Roughly what year do you have in mind for when the recording was made?

By the way, it's always Pat Halcox taking the lead on the vocal.
Hello Ed,

thanks for your reply.
Again his memory as to when the recording was from is not clear. If I send you some blank cd's and cash to cover postage, could you make me a copy of all 30?


Jürgen Stöver
Hi Monobrow,

occasionally John Crocker was yodeling and even stepping like Fred Astaire, when they played their very last tune called Ice Cream. This song is a kind of hymne when the band is touring through Germany the Netherlands, Switzerland and so on. I have a version from 1976 in Cologne, Germany. You are in contact with Ed and he must have the same one.

Otherwise contact me at
Jürgen Stöver
Hi Monobrow,
one short additional comment. From my point of view that version of Ice Cream you are looking for was never released before commercially on LP or CD. My version is a broadcast version of the WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk, Germany).
Where are the comments of the real experts Ed, Andreas, Gerd and Gerard?
Hello everyone who replied to my enquiry. Thank you for the information. I didn't think the version was available commercially. Let's hope someone releases it.


Horst Klingenberger
Hi, Monobrow,
what about the version from the Barbican Concert, April 20,1982 ? (Released on LP "Barbican Blues", Black Lion Records INT 157.012)

Andreas Wandfluh
Hi Monobrow
It is correct, that in Switzerland and Germany John Crocker used to "yodel" in Ice Cream. To my knowledge there is no such version on LP or CD.
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