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kjell wiklund
Can anyone of you CB fans out there give a tip.
My CB collection has grown a lot singels,EP´s,LP´s, CD´s, DVD´s and videos, so I need a program/system to be able to keep track of all tracks and enjoy variable serch criterias.
Any ideas appreciated.
thanks in advance.
kjell wiklund
ps great website and super message board.
Horst Klingenberger
Hi, Kjell,
I´ve created a database for my CB collection (round about 1.000 different recordings). Each recording has been put down on a questionnaire containing the following fields:
title,length,composer,rec. date,location of recording,personnel, kind of rec.(live/Studio), medium (CD;LP;EP;DVD).Thus, you can cause the programme to answer various questions, as for instance:
-show me all titles written by Duke Ellington
-show me all recordings on which Chris plays baritone horn
-list up all live recordings in chronological order ... and so on..

The database is created with Microsoft Access (part of Microsoft Office). Unfortuantely with 2 MB it´s too big to attach, so that I can show you only some screenshots. But if you´re interested, I can send you a CD.
If You´ve any questions, let me know.

Kjell Wiklund

Hi Horst.
Thanks for yr reply.I´m most intrested, if you so kindly will send me a CD with yr program. will of course reimburse you for costs.Pls mail me at
I´m a keen CB music collector, but my computer skills are limited
many tanks
Horst Klingenberger
Hi Kjell,
the whole database is on the way to you via yahoo-mail. Don´t worry about your limited computer skills (mine are probably as limited as yours). It´s very easy to handle.
By the way, my email adress is:
Hans Barth
Hi Horst,
Is it possible to send me a copy as well ? My e-mail address is Thanks it advance !
Horst Klingenberger
Hi Hans,
the database is on the way to you via email (as attachment).It is generated with "Microsoft Access" (part of "MS Office 2002/2003"), which should be installed on your pc.

Best regards
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