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kjell wiklund
will be leaving for UK tomorrow march 6 to attend 2 chris barber concerts at Croydon march 07 and 3 B´s in Cambridge
on the 9th.will you attend any of these venues.
I would very much appreciate if we could meet up for a chat over a pint.
If poss send me a mail today march 05 as I leave very early tomorrow

rgds kjell wiklund
kjell wiklund
Julian you can still reach me on this adress
rgds kjell
julian purser

I apologise for not reading your post till today.

I think you are now in UK? and you see the band today.

I now have three days a week when I have kidney dialysis, which often means I am unable to go anywhere.

If you get this while still in UK please telephone me (01934 733043)

Enjoy the concerts, I see the band next Tuesday at Weston Super Mare.

kjell wiklund
Hallo Julian

Thanks for your reply. Yes I did very much enjoy the 2 concerts in Croydon last night, super music. I also met Vic Pitt, he ws there to get the new CD,which is just out for sell at the concerts,"cant stop me now", enjoyable as always.
I will be in UK until Monday and also go to the 3 B´s in Cambridge on friday.I will try to give you a ring.
Best regards
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