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Erik Bullen
I saw a programme recently on ebay for a concert at the Empire Theatre, Liverpool starring Josh White, supported by the Chris Barber Jazz Band, Ronnie Leslie, (vocal caricaturist), the Saints Jazz Band, Frederick Ferrari, ("Liverpool`s Favourite Singer"), and Arthur Haynes.  The programme was dated Sunday, 4th March...but no year was given.  Given that this concert took place sometime in the 50`s, there are only two years that the 4th March fell on a Sunday : 1951 or 1956. Does anyone know for sure what year it was?  (I would have thought that if it was 1951 then the Barber band would have been billed as "Chris Barber`s New Orleans Jazz Band" but could be wrong on that).
Peter Austin
I've thought about this and Josh White's quite long time spent in the UK and also some of the other names on the billing . . . could be either!

Very useful . . . but . . . I'll put a fiver on 1956. 1951 just doesn't feel right as far as the CB band is concerned  . . . the line -up and their "blues involvement" then and how much touring around the UK the band was doing at that time. Mr B.would have been 21 and actually he is probably the only bloke who knows the answer! 

Probably lost my five quid.

Andreas Wandfluh
I asked Chris about the date - this is his answer: ...yes I Think it must have been the later date... "New Orleans Jazz Band" would have been the key..."

Best regards
Andreas Wandfluh
Andreas Wandfluh
This morning, I got an other E-mail from Chris:

.....sorry to say I had forgotten all about that concert!sounds interesting, to say the least........the mixture of Artists etc makes it look like "CB New Orleans J.B." but it doesn't ring a bell!

So, the question is still open...

Regards AW
Erik Bullen
Firstly, many thanks Peter & Andreas for your replies and thanks to Chris for his thoughts & comments.

  Although I was outbid on this ebay programme, I was successful on bidding on some other jazz & blues programmes from the same ebay seller and amongst them was another Josh White programme for a concert at the Kings Hall, Belle Vue, Manchester, dated 22nd February, 1951.  There are some distinct similarities with the programme dated `Sunday, 4th March` as both were presented by Alan Fletcher and both featured Ronnie Leslie, Frederick Ferrari and Arthur Haynes as supporting acts.
 To me that seems to suggest that both concerts were in 1951 but I am still puzzled as to why the billing wasn`t "Chris Barber`s New Orleans Jazz Band" and also the style of the two programmes are completely different and look like they were produced by different printers. Finally the price of the 22nd Feb programme was sixpence whearas the 4th March programme was 3d.....very strange!
Thanks again,
Keith Tinkler
I have a tape of Josh White performing at the Liverpool Empire. My Dad (now dead) went along with a reel to reel (barely portable!) & was asked if he wanted to record the concert from the dressing room which had speakers direct from stage. I have no idea of date but I expect it was 1951
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