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Ed Jackson
I have scanned the two pages of sheet music for Hushabye and put them on the web for those who want them. You can find them at and

As you can see, the pages are in pdf format, about half a meg each, and have been scanned at 200 dpi. I hope this does the trick.

Ed Jackson
Ed Jackson
Oops, you need to delete the period (full stop) at the end of the second URL.
bill bibby
Hi Ed >>>many thanks for Hush a bye....i managed ro download it no problems.....
I know you havent asked for any money for it <<<thank you>>>
i have a photograph of THE BEST OF BRITISH consists of
Kenny Baker
Jack Parnell
Brian Lemon
Don Lusher
Roy Willox
Lennie Bush>>>and all autographed....
these guys played in Hoylake on the Wirral U.K. several years is on an A4 print.
would you like it???
if so>>> please send me your home address and i will post it on to you.....
I also, do have Monty Sunshines autograph from maybe 15 years ago<<<but for the love of me i cannot find it ..if i do >you can have that as well...........regards .........bill bibby
Ed Jackson
Bill, if you send an email message to I'll reply with my home address. I'm a bit reluctant to post it here (visions of an international burglary ring looking for my 250+ Barber CDs!!!).
je suis à la recherche de la partition de "hushabye" ; il est impossible de se connecter à votre site.
Bonne journée
Claude FABRE
Ed Jackson
Je suis désolé, mais ces dossiers n'existent pas maintenant.
je vous remrcie pour votre message, tant pis !

Tried the link no good just about proof reading, tried without full stop still no good

I really would like to get sheet music for "hushabye" if anyone could help I would be very grateful

Hi Ken

write your e-mail adress.


I'm getting excited!!! At the thought that Someone has bothered to answer my enquiry.

Been learning clarinet for two months, at my age (76). A big ask but given the time I will see it through

Thank you very much

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