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Missed you at Kenton Theatre, Henley last night but enjoyed the band. Wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery. Hope to see you at Sonning in the future, where we’ve enjoyed many concerts of yours.

Jane, Nigel and Joan
Peter Austin
So what's wrong with Chris then? Lots of good wishes anyway . . . and for those of you wondering about me (Jockel?) yeah I'm still here.

Dave Bennett
Regrettably it is absolutely for sure that Chris has been forced through ill-health into retirement.  I see him frequently & when I asked him if he thinks he could play with the band again he said quite definitely no.  He feels safe where he is & enjoys listening to a lot of his favourite music which he has stored on a Brennan (it pays tracks randomly & continuously).  He much prefers this to watching television, which he only does occasionally.  He is very content with his new situation, accepting it in much the same way as he has with every situation throughout his life: very matter of fact.  We can all be happy for this I think.

Hi Dave

Would you please so kind and let me have your mail adress so that I can contact you separately? Please forward it to

Thanks in advance

Andreas / Webmaster

Keith Payne
IIf Chris has really retired this is the end of a very special era. 65 years leading his own band, hundreds of albums, thousands of concerts. I saw Chris many times in the 60’s and 70’s and last saw him on the eve of his 80th birthday at Pendleton in Tring, which was one of JohnSlaughter’s last appearances with the band. So many memories, at least I have all the LP’S andCD’’s to listen to.
Thank you Chris for all the music and all the memories.
Peter Austin
I hope there is some way of Chris learning just how many people are thinking of him and wanting to send him very best wishes.

From the Alexandra Gardens in Weymouth in 1958 with Pat,Monty Dick,Graham & Eddie to The Stables in Wavendon with Pat,Ian,John,Vic,John and Johnny and all those EPs,LPs,CDs,DVDs what a trip! Wonderful!

So best wishes Mr B and thank you.[thumb]

... it's a pity to read this message. Even if she does not come unexpectedly.

Does that mean, that the complete concert-schedule will be played without Chris?

Of course we have a lot of reason to give thanks for the musical legacy and experience of and with Chris!

Perhaps is this a information that should also be communicated on the website?

In appreciation and gratitude; Peter

Peter Austin
Strange that we have not had any "official" comment.

Peter Austin
Best wishes for a fast recovery!

The most memorable concert was in Aalborg, years ago.
I arrived to find out that my seat was on the third row. Amazing!

Any time I am sad, I just listen to Hiawatha Rag.

Thank you for all the music!

Keith Payne
I agree with Peter it is strange that we find out that Chris has retired through the message board rather than a notification on the main news section.
I can understand that Chris may not want details of his health or personal situation on the internet, but his fans would like to know officially if he has retired, and can then tell him how much he and his music has meant to us over the years.
Ria Wigt
Dear everybody !

Thanks to all of you for all your good wishes!

I am sorry for any confusion.
We all are hoping for Chris to be able to come to one of the next concerts.

When asking Chris about how long would he wishes to go on with the Chris Barber Band, he told us several times: "Wim,  I hope you will be able to organise my concerts for ever, so I will be able to continue performing until the very end..." This way he performed almost 70 years.
Some years he was able to do as many as 250 concerts per year! 

Following Chris Barber's wishes we went on in the expectation of his return on stage.

The Barber Band did a magnificent job and performed 40 concerts - following Chris' wishes and all as if Chris was there. The great music - super arrangements - beautiful performances by each of the bandmembers got everywhere enthusiastic reactions!  

An official statement will follow on the website.

Wigt International 
Wim and Ria Wigt
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