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Marion Aitken
Fort L'Ecluse concert on 31st August ....... 830 steps from the road !  How on earth will this work?  Has anyone been to the summer jazz sessions there?    I thought it might be a nice Bank Holiday trip but can't find signs of road access anywhere.   (Stairs are not my forte .... or Chris's, I imagine).  Any info from personal experience will be much appreciated.
Dear Marion

Would you please contact me when convenient.

Best wishes

Dave Bennett

Ria Wigt
Dear Marion and Dave!

There is no need for fearing 830 steps.
I organised this concert and I would not dream for the band to go 830 steps.
So this is all perfectly arranged - cars can drive up all the way until stage.
You are most welcome to visit!
All the best.
Ria Wigt

Marion Aitken
Thank you Ria..... as it happened, I heard before that dear Chris had been forced to retire and the shock made me not want to go.  I did eventually go and see the Band but in London. A very strange experience!!
Hope you are keeping well. 
All good wishes,

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