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Nick Adams
Hi, I currently have an old Lotus single seater racing car in my garage which has recently been brought back to the UK from Sweden. It is in a bit of a state and we are uncertain as to whether it is a Lotus 20, 22 or 31.  I have been told that it was sold by Chris Barber to Slim Borgudd in the late Sixties and we have been able to trace it's Swedish history back to Slim so we are pretty certain that this car was owned by Chris. We have also been told that Chris may have bought the car from the Jim Russell racing drivers school.  I was wondering if it might be possible to ask Chris if he recalls the car and if he has any information on which model it was.  As an aside I work at Lotus and have close connections with Classic Team Lotus, so if Chris ever wanted to come to Lotus for old times sake all he has to do is call!
Many Thanks, Nick Adams
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