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Helmut Weber
Where can I find a list of the concerts 2014 - under ON TOUR comes a mistake.
Thank you.
Andreas Wandfluh
Hi Helmut

All concert / tour dates on the official Chris Barber Website come from Chri's Management, Wigt Productions in Holland. We have set only a link to their page.

Members of the band have informed us that the management's website is under re-consturction.

Sorry - we hope that this will soon be fixed.

Best regards
Marion Aitken
Could somebody kindly tell me when the St Paul's concert will be.  Also a booking office number if I haven't missed it already.

Thank you, Marion
Kjell Wiklund
Hi folks.
Chris Barber bands concert schedule can be found in working order at
May be link to CB home page must be restored???
Kjell W
PS. does anyone know when Chris Barbers book "jazz me blues" will be available???
Andreas Wandfluh
Hi everybody

I have arranged with Chris Barber's management that we will get a separate list of the tour dates untill the Wim Wigt website is back. As soon as I have it, I will upload it to the CB website.

Jazz me blues will soon be availabe.... ;-)

Best regards

Andreas Wandfluh

kjell W
[rolleyes]   Hi music lovers and CB´s fans.
Can Andreas or wim vigt staff assist in updating CB´s concert
schedule beyond may31
tnx in advance
kjell W
Ray Green
I have a couple of dates for June direct from Wim & Ria as we are in the UK for the month of June.

I have pencilled in June 9th for Cheltenham with a back up of June 19th at Chichester.

A full June schedule would be useful though!
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