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Bob Spencer

I am interested in finding out more information about Chris Barber's involvement with the Sun-Huret Cycle Racing team in the 1960's. I have found 2 black and white photos online, a spec of the bike and an image of a bike sold on Ebay but that seems to be all I CAN find.

I am particularly interested in details of the team kit, colours and any associated photos. There probably aren't any but colour photos would be really interesting. 

I would appreciate anybody's help on any of these things or indeed a contact I can talk to about it.

Bob Spencer
Peter Cole

Hi Bob


I’ve been a lifelong follower of Chris Barber since 1956, but I’ve only recently visited the message board part of his website.


A person I know in my village of Aynho near Banbury was chatting with me some time back, and when I mentioned I was a Barber fan, he said that he was once in a cycling team sponsored by him.


I asked him recently if he had any photos showing the team colours, but he said that he didn’t have any.


He did say however that they wore plain white T-shirts, with a narrow band of alternate British racing green and white squares.


He only ever saw Chris at one meeting, as his son was more involved with the team than Chris himself.


That is all he can remember.



On a personal note I recently bought a copy of Chris’ biography, in which on page 109 he says that Eddie Smith was replaced in late 1964 by Stu Morrison playing banjo and guitar. He adds:

“Stu had also been a successful racing cyclist at one point, and as a result of that enthusiasm, I briefly found myself sponsoring a professional cycling team”.

Somewhere else he mentions that Stu lived in Worthing, Sussex. I too was born and bred in Worthing, and I remember Stu and his brother Roddy Morrison joining a youth club in Worthing that I had belonged to for many years. I have never seen Stu since, nor did I ever see him in any of the Chris Barber concerts that I went to, but he was only with Chris for a relatively short time.


I hope this helps a little.


Best regards



Peter Cole.

Bob Spencer
Peter, thank you for your reply and sorry it has taken me so long to return it. I had given up hope of finding out more information but just thought I would check today.

I appreciate you taking the time out to tell me what you know.

Kind regards
Stu Morrison
Hi, I'm the Stu Morrison in question.i worked with Chris for 8 years up to 1971. If you've got any questions gimme a ring on 01903-204871. Cheers
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