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John A
Your Message Board has recently received a couple of enquiries from another specialist group regarding Chris Barber's work for the BTF.

Many thanks for all the responses. You may already have this subject well researched, but I thought that I'd flesh out our interest in the band. Apologies if it is already old hat!

The reason for this enquiry is as a result of a question asked on a group that specialises in British Transport Films.

BTF was set up after World War 2 to encourage the use of the just-nationalised transport system of Great Britain. In those days this included Railways (including London Transport), Shipping, Canals, Coaches, Buses and Commercial Road Transport. They interpreted their brief in a very broad manner and thereby produced a wide range of films covering all sorts of aspects of Britain using the best creative talent available.

I don't know if your group knows of Chris Barber's work for BTF. Tuxedo Rag is the introductory music to their film about the night-time maintenance of the London Underground system "Under Night Streets". There are only seconds of CB in this particular film, but the band provided just about the entire soundtrack for the superb film "Holiday". This film extols the pleasures of visiting holiday resorts in the north-west of England - Southport, Blackpool and Morecambe. Made 50 years ago it is a superb piece of documentary. There is virtually no commentary - quite modern for its time - but loads of Chris, Pat, Monty, Ottilie and the gang. You seriously need to see it, but a warning! You'll get hooked on BTF films!

The British Film Institute are releasing the BTF films, fabulously re-mastered, in super-value double DVD sets. Over 4 hours of entertainment for less than £15. The set including "Holiday" is at:

If the link breaks, do a search for:

British Transport Films Collection - Vol. 2 - See Britain By Train.

Thanks again for your help. I hope that the pleasure you receive from hearing Chris in context will repay same.

Kind Regards,

John Adams

Andreas Wandfluh
Hi John
Many thanks for your explanations and information of Chris' work for BTF. This will go to our archives.

The complete soundtrack from "Holiday" with the Chris Barber Jazz Band has been released in 1974 on Black Lion / Intercord Records at the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Barber Band (double LP set no. 1).

Until now these complete 3 double LP sets have not yet been released on CD's. However, parts of these long play records are on different CD's, but not the Holiday "session".

David Withers
This comes within the category of 'Believe It Or Not.'

At Lunchtime today I popped into a chain store here in Christchurch, New Zealand called 'The Warehouse' which is the NZ equivalent of WalMart and there in the DVD collection were the two volumes of the BTF films you have mentioned at NZ$39.99 each. This equates to about £14.55, cheaper than I was prepared to pay from Amazon UK.

Incidentally Andreas the Holiday soundtrack is on CD, on TTD517/518 'Can't we Get Together.
Andreas Wandfluh
Hi David
You are right, the complete "Holiday" session is on the double CD mentioned in your reply. Sorry about that misleading information.
Regards Andreas
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