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T Brown

Has Chris Barber ever been married?

Tony B
David Withers
Hi Tony,

I am not an expert but from memory Chris has been married 3 times. He made a mention of his first wife in an interview that I have heard, I think somewhere on this site or on Ed Jackson's earlier site. His second marriage was to Ottilie Patterson,you can see a write up and some pictures on this site on

There is also a picture on this site of Chris and his current wife at a restaurant run by a couple with the same name as themselves.

Hi Tony and David,

Chris has in fact been married 4 times, in the 80's he was married to a German lady.
Where on the site is the picture of Chris and his wife at the restaurant?

Ed Jackson
I am embarrassed to say that, although I am the webmaster for this site, I can't find the photograph referred to above! In my own defence I'll point out that, in just over two years we (Julian Purser, Andreas Wandfluh, and I) have placed over 6200 documents on the site, amounting to about 250 megabytes of material (and that doesn't include the music clips!).

If anyone comes across this photo buried somewhere deep in this site, I'd be just as pleased as Caroline to know.
Ed Jackson
I found the article in my archives; it's not "officially" on the site any more. Here it is:

hans christensen
February 24th 2007 we will have a full day concert with several jazz orchestras and musicians in Oslo Konserthus - called OSLO WINTER SWING FESTIVAL. We would very much like you to attend for an hour or so - in the evening concert. If possible please answer by e-mail at the above address and I will get back to you. Among the bands playing is The Big Chief Jazzband which I presume you have played with before.
All the best
Hans Christensen
Julian Purser

I could not see an address to reply to on your post re Oslo Winter Swing. If you could advise this please.


Rod Baser

Hi could you please let me know Chris's tour dates for autumn in Germany. yours faithfully Rod Baser
Helge Lorenz
in which part of Germany are you interested to see the band.
There are already some dates (Oldenburg, Cloppenburg, Bremen (with Acker Bilk), Bremerhaven) in September/October for northern Germany.
Best wishes,
After their divorce, Chris Barbers first wife lived in a bungalow on the outskirts of Isleham in Cambridge, with her daughter Nadine.
The bungalow was owned by a middle aged lady, and her son was Pete Laine, who at times in the early 1950's featured on the Professional Ten Pin Bowling Television on Saturday afternoons.
I hope this helps you
Paul Lane
Here are the real facts.

Chris Barber's first wifes name was Naida. She did live in a bungalow with her daughter Marina in a village called Isleham in Cambridgeshire, with her mother Josephine Lane and her brother Paul who was, indeed, a former professional tenpin bowler who presently lives in Denver Colorado USA.
I can vouch that post by K, #10 is correct.
Post #11, by Paul Lane is utter rubbish, and I suggest should be removed.
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