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Keith Payne
Is Chris still as interested in Motor Racing. I saw the band on 2 occasions at Brands Hatch playing after the racing. Most sports car races in the 60's and 70's had a Lotus entered by Chris. At Brands Hatch on one occasion his car was down to be driven by Mike Spence who was no.2 in the Lotus Grand Prix team at the time, although I think he non started for some reason.
I also saw Chris driving at a club meeting at Silverstone in a GT car I think it was an AC Bristol but its a long while ago.
Ray Green

Presented him with the attached painting May 2004. He's currently in touch with the owner of that first Lotus Elite.

David Drinkwater
I have a couple of pictures of Chris and Otilie Patterson taken at Silverstone in the late 50's when Chris was racing a Lotus Elite. One of them shows the car hooked up to an ignition analyser (forget the make) and looking very worried.
I showed these pics to CB at a concert in Cottingham in the early 90's.
Ed Jackson
David, Is there any chance we could get copies of these photos for the website?
David Drinkwater
FAO: Ed Jackson

Sorry for the belated reply. Please contact me via email and I will willingly make the pictures available.
The ignition analyser referred to was a Crypton Analyser.
Yours David D
David Drinkwater
FAO: Ed Jackson
I presumed that you were a moderator of the website as you had asked for the pics - no problem.
Do you have access to my email address through the website?
Regards, David D
Ed Jackson
David, I guess you would call me the webmaster. I don't have access to your email address but you could send a message to me by clicking on my name to the left. Ed
Ed Jackson
Well, that didn't work!!! My address is
ian stanley
Does anybody know about chris barber racing and the piper cars as the GTr and other models and more importantly any photo's as I am doing research on the pipers
Ian Stanley
Ian. Baker
I can remember Chris Barber racing in the 60's driving a Lotus Elite he had quite a lot of success and I think the reg mark on his car was DAD 10 known as daddy oh ! I am sure Chris would be pleased to verify this.

Big error on my previous post! Lotus Elite I quoted was in fact Les Leston's DAD 10 Chris, I understand, Had a racing team and I think my brother Clive Baker drove for him at Nurinburgring on an occasion

Mark Shannon

Seeking contact information for your brother Clive.

Can you help me please.

Mark Shannon
Keith Rolleston
I saw Chris race his lime green Lotus Elite many times in the 1960's. From other web sites the reg. no. appears to have been CB 23. He was a quick driver too.

I have a race programme for the 1962 Mallory Park 1000 guineas race , the cover of which I had autographed by Graham Hill amongst other GP drivers. Chris raced at that meeting and I would still like him to add his autograph to that august list. Maybe when he next plays in the far south west . . .

Keith Rolleston
Ray Green
Further to the above.  Chris did well enough in his heat to make the final (which probably upset John Wagstaff, Team Elite driver - who didn't!) and the final indeed had Graham Hill and John Surtees racing. 

The painting I presented to Chris (at Mansfield 2004) was of that very meeting, with Chris in front of John Surtees 250 GTO Ferrari.
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