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Kelly Walker

I dont know if anybody can help, I saw a thread on here from 2007 about Chris racing in one of the first Lotus Elites off the line.

Well my dad currently has this Lotus and is restoring it to its former glory!!! It is his 60th birthday approaching and he likes to know anything about it!!

The body has just been resprayed to the original colour!!

On the previous thread there was mention of photographs with Chris and the Elite...if anybody has these would they be able to email them to me???


Ed Jackson
The only photos I can remember posting of this sort are at the bottom of the following page:
Kelly Walker
Hi thanks for that!! I had already spotted them...not long after I had posted the message!!

I have passed them on thanks again

Ray Green
Hi Kelly, I presented Chris with a painting I had done of Chris and his Elite at Mallory Park Whitsun 1962, on stage at Mansfield 2004, part way through the concert, to celebrate his 50 years as a band. I was there, have the programme (Chris has signed it for me) but had great difficulty tracking down photographs of the car. Even Chris failed to find me a colour pic!

Talking to Chris the last time I was in the UK, 2005, he did say that someone had purchased the car and was restoring it.

I did manage to find a one second snatch of the car at the Mallory Hairpin on a "50 Year History of the Nottingham Sports Car Club" video.

I would dearly like to get in touch with you so please email me: jazz1 at and I could probably snatch that piece off the VHS and convert it to digital movie clip for you.

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Richard Mann
I know this message is 2 years old, but I am keen to contact Kel Walker, and find out what colour was painted on the Barber cars. I now own Chris's old Lotus 47, and need to find out the proper paint colour and code for this car.

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Michael Burnford
Just seen this old post. I had this Elite CB 23 No.1009 (although I think the 2nd out of the door) around 1969, and, as the Pulborough (Maximar) shell was broken, rebuilt in a new shell from the Hethel factory. Contact me if you want to know anything. It differed somewhat from standard Elites, with twin Webbers, split brakes, seats, wheels, etc. A fun if unreliable car. Would be interested to know where it is now. Michael
Kel walker
I've only just come on here since making the original post and seen there have been a few replies! So thought I would respond to them just incase anyone sees.

Richard, I would have to have a look through my dad's paperwork to see if I can find the colour so if you do read this and still want to know leave a reply and I will go digging.

Ray, the painting is amazing and I cannot wait to show my mum it as it's nice to see something with the car on, I know that my dad managed to contact Chris barber a few years back when he was playing in a concert near to us.

Michael, thank you for replying its nice to have a reply from someone that has also owned the car.

The car is still mid restoration as unfortunately my dad passed away before he could complete it. My dad had started to do some work on the electrics and it is my dream to one day have it finished and to show it off to everyone as it was my dad's pride and joy.
Just watched the Lotus Elite restoration programme which features this thread. 

Very interesting show and well worth looking for "The Lost Lotus" on catch-up TV

Jim harris
Does anyone know where Chris barber's lotus 9 is?
My brother in law Paul Winchester owned it in 1964 .he had it in Lincoln and Southend.I havea short cini film of it.
Ray Green
Thanks to the earlier post, I managed to watch the "Lost Lotus" on the internet (it isn't on YouTube) and although they got Chris's age wrong by ageing him a year, a fascinating programme.

Ant Anstead and Philip Glenister bought the car with their own money and after a couple of races, they sold the car at auction for a new record price for a Lotus Elite.  A little bit of Barber music and a quick interview with Chris.

The programme hasn't yet aired in NZ, but hopefully we will get it eventually.   
David seed
Jim Harris left a message on here about his brother in law owning Chris barbers lotus mk9 well my dad (Barry seed) owned this car and actually used it on the road in and around Sheffield I would love to see the short cini film of it and we have a lovely big picture of my dad sat in it outside graves park in the 60s please message back if you can many thanks Dave seed
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