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Harry van Essen

'Can Stop Now' is a new limited edition CD by the Big Chris Barber Band and only available at the concerts of the band.
My question is: is there a possibility to get this CD otherwise?
Ed Jackson
Sorry, but this was the information I was given to put on the website.
Peter Nulty
That's a shame. What about people that can't get to concerts?
Ed Jackson
There are rumours about a mail order service. We'll let you know here as soon as we have the info.
Ray Green
Try Timeless directly - not the website. Worth a try.

I'm totally and utterly hooked on the opening track. "Can't Stop Now". Just wonderful.

So good to hear the 'new recruits' acquitting themselves so well, but did we expect anything else?
harry van esssen
Thanks Ray,
I got the CD from Timeless.

Harry van Essen
Ray Green
Glad you managed it Harry!

I changed a couple of the words on the opening track (Can't Stop Now) to print on the back of the programme of our Classic Race Series Dinner - with due acknowedgements of course. Instead of "music", I substituted "motor"... Seemed appropriate for the occasion - especially as there was no way I was going to sing it!

One of the tracks that will no doubt be played at my funeral, along with the obvious ones... "You Rascal You", "Down By The Riverside" and "The Saints... (All by CB.)
Dave Wyatt
I have to say I find the "Can't Stop Now" CD disappointing. Not because of the playing, which is up to the usual superb Barber standard we have come to expect but because of the sound on all but three tracks. The remainder are in thin-sounding MONO (very rare in this day and age!) Still, after over 50 years of having nothing but praise for every Barber LP and CD in my large collection I consider this forgivable!!
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