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John A
Can anyone identify this audio clip?

Change the attatchment from jazz0.jpg to jazz0.mp3 then give it a go, please

Many thanks in advance


Andreas Wandfluh
Hi John
I can't listen to your mp3 file. Please put it on a server and post the link.
John A
Here is a link to the mp3:

many thanks again.

Julian Purser

Track is 'Doin' The Crazy Walk' recorded on 16 Sept 1955.

Hope this helps. (latest issue with the track is Chris Barber
1955 on Lake LACB235, their site is (

John A
Oh, many thanks, Julian.

I'll have to get in touch with Paul A at Fellside


John A
John A

I'm on dangerously thin ice here, but a friend who is a long-time jazz enthusiast and is following this correspondence is adamant that this is not "Doin' the Crazy Walk". He has actually played me Chris Barber's version, and I see his point.

I'm an ignoramus caught between two experts and in danger of insulting both! Is there any chance that my clip is something else?


p.s. Yes, I have asked my pal if he might have picked the wrong track to play me! I'm awaiting a response.

p.p.s. Just noticed a parallel thread running. This clip is from the film Under Night Streets.
Ed Jackson
It's "Tuxedo Rag" from the Plus1/Minus1 EP.
Andreas Wandfluh
Hi everybody
I agree with Ed that this is Tuxedo Rag from +1/-1. However it seems to me that the the turntable was running to fast...

The correct version is available on Lake Records LACD 222 or Lake Records LACD 43.
John A
Thanks Guys,

I've found a snippet of Tuxedo Rag on the web - and its a match. Many thanks.

I'll explain the background to the enquiry in a separate posting.

Many Thanks again.

John Adams
John A
Hi Andreas,

This clip was captured off a television programme. The original film, meant to be shown at 24 frames per second, was therefore being shown at 25 fps. Hence the discrepancy in tempo

John A
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