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Peter Austin
. . . or is it like the Trad boom and died?
Still here.
John Service
The musicians among us are desperately trying to find gigs to keep heads above water Peter!!! [smile] On that front, Richard Exall, Pete Rudeforth, Amy Roberts, John Watson and myself - all current or ex-CB band members will be reunited for a short UK tour in July...don't know whereabouts you live or are interested.
Peter Austin
Good to hear John. Will be on the lookout for more info. Am in the wilds of North Bucks!
John Service

The details I have at the moment are as follows -
7 July - Heathrow
9 July - Nottingham
10 July - Swanage Jazz Festival
11 July - Amy & Richard playing in their own quintet (I shall tag along!)
12 July London

Not much of a help I'm afraid, but, hopefully, venues will be announced soon!

Cheers, John
Peter Austin
Heathrow?? Terminal?? Runway?? Borrowing the Rolling Stones amplifiers??

I may well be at the Swanage gig though.

Best wishes,


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