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Dick Amey
Chris's version of Jeeps Blues was always so much better than Duke Ellington's!
Let's try to persuade him to add it theBig Chris Barber Band's current repertoire.
Can't argue with that!
Keith Payne
Yes, but it was John Slaughter's great blues guitar that made it so memorable. The best version was on the Get Rolling album with John Crocker and JS together.
Peter Austin
Much as I find myself in agreement with Keith about the two John's is the Barber Fan Club not getting just a little carried away here?

Better than the Duke and Johnny (The Jeep) Hodges the joint composers . . . . still it is coming up for Christmas!

Where's Jockel by the way . . . he's a bit slow off the mark with his annual Christmas greetings!

Andreas Wandfluh
@ Keith Payne

Jeeps Blues on the "Get Rolling" Album is in fact the Berlin 1968 version and was available on different LP's and CD's. The complete Barber in Berlin Amiga records are on youtube! Search for Chris Barber in Berlin 1968.
Well Peter i am here.but i be a littlebit shockt because  the things in Berlin 500m from the UdK and over the work from the German Justice.         J.
Peter Austin
Hallo Jockel . . . Frauliche Weihnachten . . . have no fear Trump will look after you. 

Then again . . . maybe not [crazy]
Andy Cruickshank
This may be relevant to the above post. I attended a concert by the band near to my home in Scotland recently & was lucky to get the chance to have a chat with Chris. I asked if there was any chance of hearing some of the old favourites like Whistling Rufus or Chimes Blues and he informed me at great length that the band play the same programme at each concert and the current members are not jazz players and don't improvise like in the old days. A bit of a strange answer since the event was a jazz festival, but it would explain why we don't hear gems like Jeeps Blues any more in the repertoire.
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