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Maciej zapa³owski
I have some question about 1963-63 sessions with Sonny Boy Williamosn and Ottilie Patterson
1. On BLACK LION LP 12126/7 CHRIS BARBER AND SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON there are only three tracks. I have a copy with 9 tracks from that session. I know there is ten track -"When the saints go marchin in" What about this?
2. Who knows secret of unissued sessions Barber's Band & Sonnyboy
a) 1 jan 1964 , London, (Pontiac Blues, Sonny Boy's Slow walk, C Jam Blues, Harmonica and Bass Blues / West Memphis
b)29.30Dec 1963 , Liverpool, Marquee
c) 23 Dec 1963 with Otillie Patterson London, Abbey Road .I'm looking for sinlge Columbia UK 7208 Baby please don't go / Feel so good.
I want help .
Julian Purser
Hi Maciej,

The 31 May 1964 (Manchester Free Trade Hall) tracks with Sonny Boy have been issued on a world wide bootleg,including all 10 tracks.

You would need to search under 'Sonny Boy Williamson' on the net, and you may find a source.

The Olympic Studio session from 1 Jan 1964, is still unissued.

I know nothing about the 29/30 Dec 1963, Do you have more detail?

Try either EBay, or GEMM (Global Electronic Music Market) on the net for the Ott/SBW DB7208 Columbia single, it comes up for sale occasionally.

Good luck, fronm, Julian

maciej zapalowski
thanks for info. I have to looking for
Hi, now, I have singiel Ottilie Patterson baby please don't go / Feel so goood . But I still looking for Chris Barber With Sonny Boy Williamson unissued recordings. Who have anything.
best regards
Hi Julian,

I have the bootleg "The 31 May 1964 (Manchester Free Trade Hall) Sonny Boy Williamson with Chris Barber, and the single with Ottilie Patterson. Thay are excellent.

But I still looking for The Olympic Studio session from 1 Jan 1964, and other any unissued sessions Barber with Williamson.

HELP ME - Sonny Boy sang in his song.
Help me too.

Maciej Zapa³owski
Thank you for these cds
This is the great history of world music

Everybody wait for more.
Sonny Boy's fan
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