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Geoff walpole
Hello all. My father, who recently passed away, was a life long jazz and blues fan and in particular a great fan of Chris Barber's music. We would really like to play a Barber jazz piece at my father's funeral and would greatly welcome any suggestions from experts out there. Many thanks.
Hello Geoff. Firstly, sorry for your loss. Do you want something sombre or something more uplifting? I'd suggest Just A Closer Walk With Thee for the first, there are many choices for the second. There is a piece called Didn't He Ramble which starts gravely then moves to upbeat and "jazzy". It is a funeral song as well.

Geoff walpole
Thank you so much for those suggestions Eugene. I will give them both a play through I the morning. No not really looking for sombre. My dad was well into his 90's so it's a celebration of a long life more than anything. I often heard him talking about Month Sunshine and I guess like many at the time he was part of an amateur skiffle group . One of my own early singles was 'rock island line' so I guess his influence got to me at an early stage!!
Geoff walpole
Sorry. That should have read Monty Sunshine. Sometimes predictive technology isn't always clever.
Peter Austin
During a visit to New Orleans longer ago than I care to think about,we witnessed three funeral processions during our stay. They each started off with Just A Closer Walk etc and then after the burial When The Saints etc. The idea being the mourning and then the celebration of the spirit rising to the heavens. 

Oh Didn't He Ramble fits the bill too.

When I go I've asked for Goin' Up The River . . . I don't suppose there will be time for the whole of John's solo but they'll all get the idea! Personally,I doubt that I'll be too bothered!

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