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MG Knight
I’ve just finished reading ‘The Restless Generation’ by Pete Frame, which is about the changes on the British musical scene during the 1950s – and it is stuffed with information on the early Barber bands . . . how they formed and developed, etc. The author, well known for his thorough ‘Rock Family Trees’, seems to have interviewed several members, including Chris. Well worth investigating, in my opinion.
Andreas Wandfluh
Hi all
This is a link to the book that MG Knight has mentioned in his posting

Andreas Wandfluh

MG Knight
Not that I have shares in them, but I think Amazon offer a rather better deal on this book. Still surprised by just how important Chris Barber was in the fifties 'revolution'.
Julian Purser
It may be cheaper to buy from say Amazon at under £14. (if you make total order £15 or over post/packing is free!)

Follow the link below;

Ed Jackson
I was able to order it from Amazon Canada, but it looks like a special order that will come from the UK. At least this way I won't have to pay import duties: the last time I ordered from Amazon UK, I was charged import duties that were more than I paid for the CD!!
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